How to SOOTHE Sensitive Skin

It’s officially my third week of being a Rodan and Fields Consultant and I’m learning A LOT! I’m finding it very interesting (specifically), learning the spectrum of sensitivity of other’s skin. What makes it react, break out, burn, itch, turn red… And the lengths people will go to, to avoid that pain is very understandable and sometimes heart-wrenching. But this usually means they are very hesitant to introduce something new to their skin. – Also understandable.

Here’s the thing guys, everyone’s skin is sensitive, just some far more than others. And it’s those people who struggle with their skin whether it be burning, itching, reacting, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and everything in between, who I hope have found this blog post today. And this is why…


This is the Rodan and Fields Soothe Regimen, especially designed to calm down your angry skin. Because we all know that yelling at it, won’t fix anything.


So what is it exactly and how can it work for you? 

And there are plenty of real people with skin just. like. yours. who have found relief with Soothe.

People like Cassandra, who has Perioral Dermatitis;


Cassandra: “For about two years I’ve suffered with something called perioral dermatitis, which is a big red angry rash all over the bottom half of my face. I used to get small flare ups all the time but in the summer of 2014, my rash took over my entire face and destroyed my self esteem. I refused to go anywhere other than work or my house. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I tried everything you could imagine from home remedies to expensive prescriptions, but it would not go away! I was on antibiotics for months which helped a bit, but every time I put on makeup or any type of face wash/moisturizer, my skin would go crazy. FINALLY, I was introduced to Rodan + Fields. I was so hesitant to try anything else because my skin literally tolerated NOTHING. Within a couple of weeks of using the Soothe regimen (and taking antibiotics as well), my rash was GONE. Yes, I said it was COMPLETELY GONE. I decided to put it to an even further test and stopped taking my antibiotics. In the past when I stopped taking my antibiotics, my rash came back and also pretty consistent small acne breakouts. I’ve been off antibiotics for five months now and I haven’t seen one tiny speck of rash or acne on my face! I’ve had ZERO BREAKOUTS of any kind and I’m not even using the acne regimen!!! It never breaks out even when I use the microdermabrasion exfoliation paste which I could NEVER have even thought about using 6 months ago because it was just out of the question. All in all, my skin is 100 percent better and I will never ever use anything else.”

…This young man with psoriasis;


…This lovely woman with firey-hot, itchy skin;


…And yes, it’s even used on small children and babies. (It’s actually a very good item to have in your first aid kits since Soothe is extremely fast acting and effective for relieving skin from pain and itch.)


And it continues to benefit so many more people across the U.S. They are all mending their skin using the Soothe Regimen in ways they could have never dreamed possible. Until now. This really is amazing to see first hand how someone’s life can change when they re-find their confidence that was stolen from them by overly sensitive skin. I could fill this entire blog post with pictures of people that Soothe has helped. But instead, I want to give you the opportunity to try it for yourself. I want you to do your research, I want you to google image “soothe before and after” and most of all, I want you to decide for yourself, if you’re ready to go from this:


…to swimming in an ocean of relief with Soothe.


If you’ve made the decision that you’re ready to start showing the world just how confidently you can wear your skin, I want you to contact me so we can get you there. I will be more than happy to help you. ❤

Or you can dive right in by purchasing Soothe here: (All products come with a 60 day satisfaction guaranty, are 100% cruelty-free AND if you sign up as my preferred customer I will give you 10% off and free shipping on every order!)

You can read more about Soothe here: 

And you can email me anytime here:


REVERSE Sun Damage

We all know

that wearing sunscreen daily is extremely beneficial for our skin. It prevents damaging UV Rays from penetrating our skin and causing very serious implications in our future.

Although, wearing sunscreen daily, should be a no-brainer. There are so many of us that just don’t. (Myself included until about a week ago.)

oops my bad

I’ve included the video below by Thomas Leveritt, that shows a random selection of people how the sun sees them in ultraviolet light.

After watching this, I felt so ashamed that I put my skin through this every. single. day!

I started to wear my sunscreen daily to prevent any further damage but still was not satisfied with the damage already done. Which I thought was 100% irreversible.

Now, I have to be honest with you guys, I absoultey HATED wearing sunscreen since I was a little girl. I hated the smell, the feel, how my hair would stick to me like cousin IT whenever there was a slight breeze. It drove me crazy!! So I avoided it wherever I could. <– Very bad situation considering I grew up in Australia where the sun is EXTREMELY harsh and I basically lived in the pool. (Double Oops! – Sorry Mum!)

On top of all that, I used to lay out in the sun with only tanning lotion, hoping to get a sweet tan. <– Also very, very bad.

beyounce tan

So the gist of why I’m telling you guys all of this is that, I’ve been very naughty when it comes to the sun. And I’m paying for it now with all my freckles, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage.

HOWEVER! And this is a BIG however!

I was introduced to a game-changing product last week that has seriously changed my life. I’m talking overnight results! It’s insane. And I would not bother to tell you about it if it didn’t work. That’s not something I would want to back. But this! Oh man, this is something I support fully because I use it myself and LOVE it!

It’s called the REVERSE REGIMEN from Rodan and Fields. It erases the appearance of premature aging, including brown spots, dullness and discoloration.


This is a 4 step regimen that’s seriously going to change your life. I was skeptical at first, but after hearing so many good things about it, doing my research and trying so many other products that just didn’t work, I figured, I would give this a shot. And I’m so happy I did!

The photo on the left is my skin before trying REVERSE. The right photo is literally 2 DAYS!! after trying it. 2 DAYS?! What is this stuff, unicorn blood?!

reverse 2 days

Long story short… I was sold. My goal is to go foundation-free in 30 days! And I will be sharing with you guys my progress as I go!

I’ve never been so excited about any product before and wanted so much to share with everyone it’s benefits! Rodan and Fields are actually one of the very few companies that are 100% cruelty-free. They DO NOT test on animals at all!! They also have a 60 day satisfaction guaranty on all their products and they are the creators of Proactiv! The list goes on and on about why this company is so amazing. This really is the holy-grail of skin care.


Which is why I decided to jump out of my comfort zone to partner up with them as an Individual Skin Care Consultant!! Woot Woot!

I offer products for ALL skin types too and if you’re not sure what might work for you, I’ve got that covered too 😉 –> Skin Care Solution tool <–

We’ve got Regimens and products for: Sensitive Skin, Mature Skin, Sun Damaged Skin, Oily / Acne-prone Skin, Undefined Skin and even Normal Skin!

I hope you all are as excited about this as I am! Also, if you’d like to know more or just score some free samples from me so you can try for yourself, then I would be glad to help! 🙂 Feel free to connect at any time!

Thank you for reading!

xo Jessica

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